Our Vision

AICLA is an organization dedicated to the development, understanding and its application in the management and preservation of Cedar Lake for member enjoyment and area conservation.  We will diligently work to improve our communication with our membership and actively promote the positive aspects of ownership on Cedar Lake.

We will be proactive in improving our communication to membership, actively promote the positive aspects of Cedar Lake ownership and engage community organizations to help us achieve our stewardship goals.

We will  continue to educate and promote a healthy sustainable lake through water quality improvement initiatives that strengthen community interaction and increase capital investment opportunities.


Your Board

Jeff Linderman



Interim Vice President

Sharon Vaughn


Eric Wagner

Board Member

Jerry Janssen

Board Member

Chuck Kowalski

Board Member

Tammi Bennett

Board Member

Rex Vaughn

Board Member / CLIB Chair

Kelli Hanna

Board Member

2023 Association Meeting Dates

May 27th

July 1st

September 2nd


All Committees will have a Board member as Chairperson and will submit a brief summary of the Committees and any recommendations to the President.  The President will present Committee information to the Board of Directors at the next meeting or by e-mail within two weeks after for their input into any recommendations.

The AC will monitor and make recommendations related to By-laws, membership growth, revenue opportunities and business promotion.

The CC will monitor and make recommendations regarding communication strategies, Association information, website/newsletter development and distribution and social media forums.

The LSMC will monitor and make recommendations regarding lake levels, water quality, weed control, fisheries and general lake management.

The FC will monitor and make recommendations towards revenue receipt and disbursement of funds.  It will also create yearly budgets, dues and assessment process, auditing and reserve cash management.

Board Documents