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Lake Management

The AICLA is responsible for education of our members and promotion of a healthy, sustainable lake through water quality improvement initiatives that strengthen community interaction and increase capital investment opportunities.  The AICLA follows the CLIB directives related to lake level and aquatic vegetation management.   

About the Cedar Lake Improvement Board

The CLIB was originally formed to manage lake vegetation but expanded to include implementation efforts associated with the EPA and EGLE approved watershed management plan.  The CLIB is comprised of six local elected officials and one private citizen as Chair. Their website includes the most up-to-date information, studies and publications on prepared by the CLIB.

Cedar lake Watershed Management Plan

Cedar Lake is a 1,075-acre lake located in Northeastern Lower Michigan, one-half mile from Lake Huron.  Several studies of the lake conducted during the past two decades indicated hydrologic concerns and the need for aquatic plant management.  The Cedar Lake Improvement Board, the Alcona Iosco Cedar Lake Association and other stakeholders collaborated to develop a plan that would provide innovative approaches to managing critical areas and conditions throughout the watershed.  These efforts resulted in the creation of the Watershed Management Plan (WMP).  

The WMP was first published in 2011 to identify, prioritize and achieve Cedar Lake watershed goals and objectives.  It was paid for by the lake riparians through property tax assessments.  The plan provides strategies for natural resource protection and restoration in the Cedar Lake watershed that will protect and improve the lake, property values and recreational enjoyment for generations to come.

Cedar Lake level control structure

Aerial view of stream feeding into lake level support structure with 2 lane road between the two

The former Cedar Lake Level Control Structure was built in the 1950’s. As part of the mandatory State of Michigan triennial safety inspection program, the structure received a poor rating over the past 15 years. The old structure was leaking and could not adequately manage and release water during high water conditions, according to the Alcona County Drain Commissioner.

In 2019, the Alcona County Drain Commissioner, in conjunction with the Iosco County Drain Commissioner initiated the project of a replacement structure, which was funded by a Special Assessment District consisting of lake front property owners on Cedar Lake in both Alcona and Iosco Counties.

In August of 2020, construction of the new Lake Level Control Structure was started. The old structure was removed and the new structure was built to maintain the Court Ordered Legal Lake Level. Construction was finalized in late September, 2020. The new Lake Level Control Structure was inspected by EGLE, which was approved as designed, and set to the established Court Ordered Lake Level.